Food Warmer - Plate



Food Warmer Plate : Is ideal for homes, small parties and your day to day needs.

Food warmer plate will keep food warm for hours alltogether. Simply place a almost any kind of dish on the food warmer and forget it. Your food will only remain hot and will not get burnt or over cooked.

Product Food Warmer Plate
Brand Hotexx
Dimensions 21" L x 13.5" B
Wieght 4.9 K.G.
Serving Bowls Nil
Warranty 1 Year
MRP Rs. 2,400/-
You Save Rs. 825
Our Price Rs. 1,575/-


Special features of food warmer plate    
  Can be used on dinning table, indoors or outdoors.
  Utensils can be directly be placed on it.
  Almost every kind of utensil can be used on it like: Stainless steel, Aluminium, copper or silverwar, heat resistant glassware like borosil etc.
  Does not emit any harmful radiation like microwave ovens.
  Light weight, so it can easily be carried to any place.




NOTE : Bowls shown in the Picture are for indicative purpose only.

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