Citrus Juicers

HR 2771 Philips citrus juicer
HR 2771

Motor : 25 Watts
Warranty : 2 Years
Capacity: 0.5 Lits
Our Price : Rs.675/-


jagjit manual Juicer

Manual Heavy Duty

All aluminium (die casting & ss parts)

Weight : 6 Kgs
Our Price : Rs.1,890/-


Power: 40 watts
Warranty : 1 Year
Capacity: Online
Our Price: Rs.1075


HR 2775

Color: White
Capacity: 1 Lits
Warranty : 2 Years

Our Price : Rs.990/-
Commercial Juicer
Open Type Brand:Jagjeet


Citrus Juicer : are useful for extracting juicer of citrus fruits like Oranges & Kenu. Basically they are useful because in a normal centrifugal juicer there's a chance of seeds found in citrus fruits getting crushed due to which the taste of the extracted juice getts sour.
To extract juice in a citrus juicer, Simply slice the fruit into 2 equal halfs and start the machine. Juice will be extracted in the bottom and seeds will get collected on the upper portion without getting curshed.

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