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Today, fingerprint recognition technology is used for security purposes, to restrict access or to protect computers. The fingerprint recognition technology is more affordable, safe and convenient personal identification system. It is used to secure the safety and reliability of personal & various business sectors.


What is Biometric Technology : refers to the identification of humans by their characteristics & traits of which most commonly used are finger and face.

The traditional means of access control include token-based identification systems, such as RFIDs or Passwords based systems. Since biometric identifiers are unique to individuals, they are more reliable in verifying identity than token and knowledge-based methods.


How Does it works ? Firstly the employees enrol by placing the finger / face on a biometric machine. A template is then created which is then stored as a mathematical template for future verification. The image of the fingerprint is not stored at any time.

Subsequently when an employee wants to access the restricted area or register his attendance he just need to place his finger / Face the biometric machine and within 2 seconds the machine will compare it with its stored records and if they match he will be granted access or his attendance will be marked depending upon the systems installed.


Is it realiable ? Biometrics technology is an irrefutable verification & identification of a person by various physiological characteristics, which cannot be transferred or copied. It is a very robust technology ,due to this your employees, students, guest or visitors can not cheat you. (E.g. A student no matter how hard he tries can no put a proxy addtendance for his fellow student


Is it Expensive ? Absolutely Not! Especially the if you start comparing the features and easy of access and relaibilty it provides. Once you have invested in biometric machine you won't have to invest in salary of a manager to keep track of the time and day each employee comes or in manual registers etc.


Do I need a biometric system ? Irrespective size of your organisation biometrics is for every one , as its not only easy on pocket but also easy to use. The biometrics systems will solve many disputes with labour, your cost of tracking of each employee will drastically reduce, cheating or proxy attendance will end.


Will it work if my employees are illitrate? Yes! The users need not be literate to punch their entry as all they have to do is place their finger on the machine and the machine will give a beep sound.


Few examples where biometrics is used:

Unskilled Labor (Factory) Airports
Amusement Parks (No need for physical tickets) Small Offices
Hotels / Multinational companies / Corporate offices







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