Emergency Light

FZ 508 
Brand : Frendz

Tubes : 2 x 6 Watts PL
Bulb : 1 6v 0.5 A
Duration : 7.5hrs on 1 Tube

Our Price: Rs.840/-
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FZ 596
Brand : Frendz

LED : 36
Duration : 30hrs.

Our Price : Rs.890/-
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FZ 594
Brand : Frendz

Led : 24
Duration : 24hr/12led
Radio : Yes

Our Price : Rs.890/-
FG 117  
Brand : Frendz

Led : 24
Fan : Yes (With Oscellation Option)
AC - DC : Both

Our Price : Rs.1,590/-

FZ 595  
Brand : Frendz

Led : 24 Hrs
Duration : 40 Hrs

Our Price: Rs.790/-
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FZ 593
Brand : Frendz

Led : 19
Duration : 15 Hrs

Our Price : Rs.790/-
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All in 1 Light Fan  
Brand : CL

Multi Purpose Led with torch with Fan
Duration torch: 8Hrs
Fan: 5" (3.5Hrs)
AC/DC : Yes
No. of LEDs: 24
Torch: Yes (1 LED)8hr
Lamp:Yes (24 LED)6hr
Our Price: Rs.590/-
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Mini Led Laltern  
Brand : Minolite

Leds : 12
Duration : 6 Hrs

Our Price: Rs.490/-
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NOTE : All models by Brand "Frendz" also come by the Brand name "Ultimate". The prices,Warranty,Quality are same. Duration given is just approximate and not accurate. Duration depends on many factors including how old is the battery, is the battery fully charges, load on battery & further proper maintainence of battery by charging and discharging it on regular basis. Further warranty is only for working of emergency light and not battery.


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