Ultrasonic Pest / RAT Repellers

Pest Repeller - Single
(300 SQ FEETS)
Price : Rs.1,557/-
Pest Repeller - Triple (600 SQ FEETS)
(600 SQ FEETS)
Price : Rs.2,418/-




It is an electronic device producing high frequincy ultrasonic sound waves between 20 to 25 khz. This sound is inaudiable to human ears but intolerable and damaging to the nervour system of rats. "Result" rats run away for the area covered by Avro Ultrasonic Repeller, withn a few weeks of the installation.





Simply plug in the Ultrasonic Pest (Rat) repeller and forget it.

Make sure the Ultrasonic pest repeller is plugged in continuesly 24 Hrs a Day.

The Ultrasonic pest repellers will take upto 3 - 4 weeks before they start having an effect.




What is the pupose of the push switch on the machine?

As the Ultrasonic pest repellers are unaudible to human beings , it is at any given point impossible to know weather the machine is working properly or not, therefore we have this switch which when you will press will emit a light screetching kind of sound and you can be know that the machine is working perfectly fine.



What is the pupose of the Regulator (nob) on the machine?

The nob is often mistaken for a volume nob. It is actually a frequency nob. Set at starting level after a month move the nob slightly , next month move slightly more.. till it reaches end then start again. Basically the Rats get used to one particualr sound frequency and eventually do not run away after sometime even is the machine is On continuesly, Therefore once you change the frequency it disturbs them and they start running away.




Note: The ultrasonic pest repellers are not for repelling fly, mosquetos, cats, dogs , cattlesetc.

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